How We Do It

Evacuator™ Systems

We identify and evaluate your facility’s exact needs and develop your custom solution around them.

Depending on what needs to be done, we offer several options to our customers.  When you talk to us, we will be able to narrow down the types of systems that could work for your situation.  Though we have standard models (shown below), everything we do is custom.  Therefore the size, shape and cost of The Evacuator varies for each facility.

Paddock Evacuator™ Systems

Bench Evacuator™

Bench Evacuator®

Available in fiberglass or PVC.

The Bench Evacuator is [by far] our most popular model for retrofit projects.  It is the most economical choice, as well as the most recognizable, so people know they are in a FreshAIR facility.  The standard fiberglass bench provides a sturdy seat for anyone in the facility to enjoy, making it practical while capturing and exhausting chloramines.  The Premium PVC Bench is an optional upgrade.  PVC bench dimensions are custom depending on your facility’s needs.

Several of our customers had the bench installed a few feet away from the wall to allow for extra storage behind it.  For an additional cost, we also offer custom decals, just let us know.

Evacuator® Systems Overview

Evacuator™ Systems

The Evacuator is the cornerstone of the solutions we provide.

Wall-Mount Evacuator®

Wall-Mount Evacuator™

When deck space is limited, we can usually create whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Gutter Evacuator®

Gutter Evacuator

The Perfect Solution in the Ideal Location.

Deck Drain + Evacuator®

Deck Drain Evacuator

Built into the pool deck, it serves two purposes: draining water and evacuating bad air.

Custom Evacuator®

Custom Evacuator™

Innovative designs for the most challenging solutions.

Chemical and Pump Room Evacuator®

Designed to solve chloramine and corrosion issues in chemical and pump rooms.