How We Do It

Evacuator™ Systems

We identify and evaluate your facility’s exact needs and develop your custom solution around them.

We have designed several applications for Evacuator technology, detailed in this section.  We are continually improving our systems as part of our mission to deliver FreshAIR to swimmers everywhere.  Though we have examples of our models below, everything that we create is custom-designed for your facility.

Size, shape and scope of work is unique for each facility, so even if two facilities have the same size pool the budget could vary greatly.  To get a realistic price quote, please give us a call today to learn more and schedule your Facility Study.

Paddock Evacuator™ Systems

Bench Evacuator™

Bench Evacuator®

Our Bench Evacuators have been specifically designed for retrofit applications.  Among our systems, these are the most economical as they do not require deck or gutter modifications.  Usually, but not always, installation of Bench Evacuators can be completed without having to shut down the natatorium.  They are the most recognizable, so patrons will be reassured that they are in a FreshAIR facility.  Both bench options are made in the USA and custom designed to meet your facility’s needs.  For an additional cost, we also offer custom decals.  Call us today to learn more and schedule your Facility Study.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company does not install Evacuator systems, although we will coordinate with the installing contractor to ensure FreshAIR Certification.

Evacuator® Systems Overview

Evacuator™ Systems

The Evacuator is the cornerstone of the solutions we provide.

Wall-Mount Evacuator®

Wall-Mount Evacuator™

When deck space is limited, we can usually create whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Gutter Evacuator®

Gutter Evacuator

The Perfect Solution in the Ideal Location.

Deck Drain Evacuator®

Deck Drain Evacuator

Built into the pool deck, it serves two purposes: draining water and evacuating bad air.

Custom Evacuators®

Custom Evacuator™

Innovative designs for the most challenging solutions.

Chemical Pump Room (CPR) Evacuator®


Designed to solve chloramine and corrosion issues in chemical and pump rooms.