How We Do It

Is The Evacuator right for you? Is it the answer you’ve been searching for? Find out what our customers already know.

Why it Works

In short, it works because The Evacuator™ is the first and only system to address chloramines as an air issue. We accept chloramine creation as inevitable instead of fighting it.

The Problem

Chloramines are toxic and corrosive. That’s correct… that “pool smell” we are all familiar with is actually harmful to our health, and degrades our facilities and equipment.

What We Need to Get Started

Every single Evacuator goes through our design process. Each project requires an evaluation of your existing facility to calculate our solution for you.

Here’s a list of what we need to get started on your facility.


Chloramines are disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) of chlorine doing its job in the water.

Electrical Requirements

Static chart

Like everything else, electrical requirements depend on your specific Evacuator system. The specifications and information in this article is to give a general idea of the requirements for each system.

Source Capture

The Chloramine Solution

Approaching air quality problems differently.

Obsolete Methods

Obsolete Methods and Answers

What else is out there, besides The Evacuator? What have other people tried?

Mechanical Implications

The Evacuator™ is a dedicated exhaust that must be balanced with the existing air system.

Evacuator Benefits

A list of the benefits to your facility, personnel and patrons from installing a Paddock Evacuator System.

Pediatric Respiratory Disease

Medical study showing young children exposed to chloramines can become predisposed to asthma for the rest of their lives.