The Healthiest Pool Air Quality Possible

    We believe this industry has a moral imperative to deliver healthy air to all indoor pool users. No more ignoring the problem or blaming others. Our company exists to eradicate air quality problems, globally, no matter what (or who) caused them.

    Every day, millions of pool users breathe toxic pollutants like cyanogen chloride, trichloramine, and trihalomethanes such as chloroform, and there is nothing they can do about it. Pool owners and operators are spending big money trying to fight this problem–but sadly, it is a fight they cannot win alone.

    Are you okay with that?  We are not. We refuse to accept it as “normal” anymore.

    If you are frustrated with air quality problems at your pool, or know someone who is, please Contact us.  Help us understand your situation, and we will try to help you fix it.

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