The Healthiest Indoor Air Quality Possible

    We believe bad air quality is often nobody’s fault, though it can be everyone’s problem.

    We believe pristine air quality is not only possible–it is the new standard of care.  

    We believe clean air can be done with minimal energy consumption, and an incredible ROI.

    We believe these things because we have proven them.  When you experience The Paddock Evacuator for yourself, you may breathe & believe the same way we do.


    Is The Evacuator right for you?

    Did you know the ‘pool smell’ we’re all familiar with is actually harmful?  Did you realize it’s that same air that causes metal items to rust in and around a pool?  Did you know there’s now an effective solution to eliminating those problems in a climate neutral, ‘green’ way?  That’s correct–there is, and it’s called The Paddock Evacuator.

    If you have been challenged with air quality and you are frustrated because the issues won’t go away, we may be exactly who you have been looking for.  Symptoms include a noticeable “pool smell”, burning eyes, nose and throat, and rust in the natatorium.  Bad air is a problem that is ugly, unhealthy and very costly.

    If any of those symptoms sound familiar, we want to hear from you.  Our specialty is fixing these problems at their source, permanently.  The result is the healthiest environment possible for an indoor pool, which improves customer satisfaction and comfort, reduces risk and liability, reduces operating expenses, and extends the life of the facility.  Contact us to learn more.

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